Every   body   welcome

Yoga for mothers and babies
from Berlin Steglitz, Lichterfelde, Lankwitz, Zehlendorf and Dahlem

Giving birth is a life-changing event. Yoga helps you to find your place after this transformation. Gentle physical practices improve your strength and mobility. Relaxing breathing practices will increase your energy and create welcome moments of stillness. 

Meanwhile, your baby will get to know her body through massage and simple movements that you can use in class as well as at home.

We also practice safe and comfortable ways to lift and and carry babies, which helps to prevent back pain in mothers.
The class offers practices for both mums and babies so all participants, big and small, can enjoy their time together. This creates the ideal atmosphere for babies to start exploring and learning about the world around them.

The class is suitable for babies from about six weeks to crawling.