Try yoga!

Yoga works on the body and the mind. Yoga makes you stronger and more supple. It also relaxes your mind and improves your concentration.

When you practice yoga, you work on all levels of your being - yoga is, by nature, the most holistic form of exercise. Yoga helps you realize your full potential - physically and mentally.

What more could a busy woman wish for!

Hatha Yoga - powerfully and smooth

I teach a flowing style of hatha yoga. I will adapt yoga to you, not the other way round. If you find it difficult to commit to regular group classes, have health issues, speak limited German, or simply prefer to be taught individually, I am happy to come to your home or office.

If you prefer to practice in a group, I have a choice of classes at different venues. I teach special courses for pregnant women and mums with young babies. All my group classes are held in German.

My style of yoga is inspired by tantra and informed by my knowledge of ayurveda. (But you don't have to know these concepts to enjoy the classes.)

I also lead workshops and trainings for yoga teachers and midwives.

Yoga courses for Berlin Steglitz, Lichterfelde, Lankwitz, Zehlendorf and Kreuzberg